The Four Kings

R&B, Rock, Funk, Motown

The Four Kings are available for clubs, wineries, restaurants, festivals, private parties, weddings and other events. We play a variety of songs both old and new spanning several genres so there's something for everyone. Our shows are positive and energetic, sure to get everyone dancing and having a good time. If you'd like to book us for your event, give Arnel Berba a call at (440)466-9379 or (440)364-5912 or email him via the Contact page on this website.
"These guys bring new meaning to the term "working band"... they click from one song to the next almost nonstop, with only the occasional pause for a drink of water. This generates an energy level that the band shares with the audience and creates a great time for everyone involved. Whether they are playing jazz, funk, R&B or classic rock, these guys are TIGHT."

-Don Perry,
What About Jazz?, Voice Magazine Vol. 8 Issue 6
"We love these guys! The last time they were here they really played to the crowd. They got more people up and dancing than any other band we've ever had."

-Tara Hummel, co-owner of Sportsterz, quoted in
Profile, Voice Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 9